Hallmarks of a Great Self-Storage Facility

Hallmarks of a Great Self-Storage Facility

There are many times in life when one needs to make use of a self-storage facility.

Some of the obvious occasions are when one is moving from some place to another and needs storage for an intermittent period.

Another reason one would require self-storage space is when one ends up more stuff that can be accommodated on the premises, and yet cannot be discarded due to their worth.

In some cases, it may even be because the item in question is very valuable and not safe in the house or office of the owner. But no matter what the need for self-storage may be, here are some of the hallmarks of a great self-storage facility that you need to look for.

There are a number of aspects that differ from one self-storage facility to another, but the most important ones remain the same. Let’s look at what these important aspects are.

The first thing you need to find is customized storage space. The facility should be able to provide you just the right amount of space for the items you need to store. You should not be expected to pay for more than the amount of storage space you need. The second important thing is that the facility should be able to provide temperature and moisture control in your storage space. This will ensure that your belongings remain weather proof and do not get affected by the change in climate.

The next important thing you need to consider is the security of the self-storage facility. They should be able to provide you with electronic access to your storage space. Apart from that the entire facility should be properly and adequately safeguarded against any kind of theft or burglary. This security should include armed guards, trained dogs, electrified fences, etc. The next important thing is for the self storage facility to provide you with proper insurance coverage for the value of the goods you have stored in the facility. This typically means that they have a tie up with a general insurance company that offers you good rates.

Finally, they should also have other additional facilities like transportation of your good back and forth. Many self-storage facilities will offer this service to you free of cost for your business, but there are some who may charge you for it.

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