How to Best Pack a Self-Storage Unit

How to Best Pack a Self-Storage Unit

When packing a self-storage unit, the goal is to maximize the storage space available and minimize damages.

This may seem easy, but without a sound plan, you may end up creating a mess.

The following tips will be very helpful, especially if it’s your first time packing a self-storage unit.

1. Create an inventory

This is the first thing you should do when you’re planning to pack your self-storage unit. Write down everything you need to put in your unit and tick once you put it. This helps you to know what’s inside your unit for easier retrieval on a later day.

An inventory is also essential as it helps you with insurance claims in case of items damage on natural disasters such as fire.

2. Pack everything in boxes

This helps you achieve the main goal, which is to maximize the storage space and reduce damage. Store your entire items in strong uniform boxes that aren’t slippery at the top or bottom to prevent sliding.

3. Label the boxes

Labeling your boxes will help you access what you need with ease. Since you have many boxes, it may be hard to remember where everything is. Be specific in your labeling and list everything that’s inside each box. Place the boxes with the labels facing towards the door for easy identification.

4. Place the tallest and heaviest items first

Bulky items such as furniture are likely to damage other fragile items. It’s thus recommended for you to store the bulky items first and then the fragile ones on top. The heavy items also ensure you have a stable base.

Ensure to put the tall items such as the mattress against the wall to ensure they occupy the least space and don’t block the rest.

5. Keep an aisle open at the center

This gives you room for easy access when you’re retrieving your items. This way, you don’t have to move boxes or jump over them to access anything.


Now you’re a self-storage unit packaging expert and you should use these skills when packing your self-storage unit. You may also need a map of where everything is located to make it easier to retrieve your items.

For more information on self-storage units and to book your preferred units for your storage needs, contact us at the location nearest you.

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