How To Choose The Right Size Self-Storage Unit

How To Choose The Right Size Self-Storage Unit

We all have stuff, and it’s time to move some of that stuff from your living space into self-storage. But how big a storage unit do you need?

Will 400 sq. feet be enough space for your possessions? Or maybe you want to rent a little more space – say 800 square feet – just in case you’re underestimating the quantity?

When calculating how much room you will need for self storage, understand that the self-storage industry defines the size of a storage unit in feet. That’s because self-storage facilities are usually long rectangles, and it is easier to envision how much space you have when the term “foot” is used instead of specifying width or depth directly. For example, 300 cubic feet is equal to 12×25 (12 feet wide and 25 feet deep).

The self-storage industry measures self storage units in five standard sizes: 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×20, or 10×30. Other self-storage terms that you might come across include “small unit” (2×3), “medium unit” (2×4), “large unit” (2×5), or “oversized unit” (larger than 5×10).

To calculate the square feet of a square or rectangular room or area, you simply multiply the length by the width. Below is the formula, the math, and the answer.

Length feet × Width feet = Square Feet 5 × 10 = 50

5 x 10 room = 50 square feet

For example, a 5 x 10 (50 sq. ft.) is about the size of a walk in closet. if you only had a few boxes and some furniture – maybe 400 cubic feet worth – you could fit into a 10×10 self storage unit. But it would probably be wise to get a 10×20 self storage unit, just in case you overestimated the amount of stuff that you have. For self storage unit sizing help, please see our self-storage space estimator below.

5 x 10

A 5×10 storage space is the size of a walk-in Closet. It holds one or two large pieces of furniture and 10-15 boxes.

10 x 10

A 10×10 storage space is the size of 1 Bedroom. It holds furnishings for an average 750 sq. ft. residence, including some major appliances.

10 x 15

A 10×15 storage space is the size of 2 Bedrooms. It holds furnishings for an average 1000 sq. ft. residence, including most major appliances.

10 x 20

A 10×20 storage space is the size of 2-3 Bedrooms. It holds furnishings and appliances for an average 1500 sq. ft. residence. It can also hold compact vehicles depending on width and length.

10 x 22

A 12×22 parking space which could be used for cars, trucks, mid-sized boats and trailers, campers, etc.

10 x 30

This unit has the space of a standard 1 1/2 car garage. The 10′ x 30′ storage unit is large enough to house an entire household of belongings, including and up to a fully furnished 4 bedroom home and garage.

So how many feet of self-storage space do you really need? The answer to this question depends on how much stuff you have. Try estimating the number of sq. feet that your possessions take up, and then compare that to the self-storage unit sizes above. The self-storage industry standard for pricing self storage is by the square foot, so you’ll also want to have an estimate of your total square footage of possessions to help you budget for your self storage costs.

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