The Business Guide to Self-Storage

The Business Guide to Self-Storage

When you need more space in your place of business you may want to rent a self-storage unit instead of moving your company to a larger space. The reasonable rents charged for self-storage is certainly less costly than moving your company to a bigger office or a store with storage space. What and how you store your business’ items will be crucial to your operation.

To keep your business flowing smoothly, store only the things you won’t need easy access to on a moment’s notice. With a good idea of what you can easily do without for awhile, you should have it made. This will help you to decide how big of a space you need.

Something to consider beforehand is whether you can store your unneeded files and items packed tightly into the space or will you need to occasionally get in there and look for something?

If you will need to be able to see where everything is stored away and have access to these items, you will most likely need a larger space. This way you can place your files and other items in well marked boxes according to your business’ needs, and then stack the boxes in an orderly manner.

Place in Rows

Place the boxes or files in rows and make sure that the identifying marks are facing outward so they can easily be read and found.

Create Aisles

Creating aisles between the rows will allow you to be able to walk between the rows of items and everything will be accessible. Aisles can be accomplished much like an inventory warehouse.

Utilize Racks

Use racks to hold the boxes. This does require a bit more space to rent, but will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. Spending an extra $15 per month on a larger unit will be much more economical than paying your employees for hours of digging out files from a cramped storage space.

However, if you only need storage space for items you do not use anymore but need to keep, go ahead and rent a smaller unit and you can pack it tightly. As long as you will never need to access what you are storing, it will be more economical to save money by renting the smaller unit.

Even in a smaller more packed unit, though, remember to clearly mark all contents of the storage boxes so when you move it you’ll save time knowing what’s inside all of the boxes.

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