6 Tips When Packing for Self-Storage

Self-storage is a great way to save money, but you have to know how to pack for self-storage.

Most people do it all wrong and end up paying more than they need. Follow these tips when packing for self storage and you’ll avoid any headaches during your move!

6 Self Storage Packing Tips

1) Choose what needs packed, and what needs to be packed first

Once you have things organized as far as what needs to be packed, it will make it much easier to box your items. For example, clothes should go into bags/boxes according their size or season. This will help when you need to to find seasonal clothing. Same applies to pots and pans. Do you best to pack the same items together.

2.) Disassemble what you can

Disassemble as much of your furniture, like a table, TV stands etc, as best you can. Put all the pieces of an old table or stand together and wrap them with clear plastic wrap; then keep each part tucked away inside its own bag – this way, you can keep all the screws together keeping re-assembly a breeze because they won’t go missing!

3) Label your packaged items

This may seem like common sense or even too easy…but if not done properly this could cause major issues when trying to find items later down line. Make certain every packed item has what is packed inside it clearly written onto them.

4) Use all available space

Some things cannot be broken down and there’s no need to let these large items such as dressers, hutches and garbage cans stay empty. Each one has plenty of space that you can use for storage! Protect your valuable objects by storing them in these sturdy containers which will keep everything safe from harm.

5) Treat leather

Preserve your leather furniture and clothing with a quality conditioner. Leather is durable, but it needs care to last for years of use!
A good rule-of thumb when storing any type leather product: apply preservation treatments every six months or so while in storage – this will keep them looking newer longer than if you didn’t take action now (and risk too much damage). There are many products out there designed specifically as conditioning agents; we recommend doing a search on Amazon and find a leather care product that is best for your needs that will not leave behind residue which could gum up.

6.) Make an aisle

Finally, when you are ready to move all of your belongings into storage, take a step back and make an aisle. For best results plan on one long row with labels facing outward down the center so they are visible from anywhere in or adjacent spaces. Aisles provide much needed guidance when moving items that can often get mixed up together during locating and unpacking what you may need later on.

In Conclusion

Packing for self-storage doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt if you follow these simple tips. More more self-storage tips, check out our website at www.quicklockfarmville.com or call us at (434) 414-1818.
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