Where to Self-Storage Holiday Items

Store your holiday items in a place that will keep them organized, safe, and free from pest damage. Rent a storage unit to make your holiday decoration easier.

Where to Self-Storage Holiday Items

The holidays are so much fun for those who love to go all out and decorate. Remember the Christmas movie that depicted the Dad and his light filled house including bushes, trees, and roof? Not many people can watch that and refrain from laughing. Some viewers might even see a bit of themselves in that overzealous Dad and his decorations. Did you ever wonder where the family in the film stored all of those decorations in the off season? Surely they must have had a self storage unit rented for the duration of the year.

The joy of the holidays is so important to most people that there are boxes and boxes of décor that go along with their favorite special days. Perhaps the boxes are kept in the attic above the house, accessible only by the rickety stairway that resembles more of a narrow ladder than stairs. The boxes must be carefully lowered to the floor below or carried up and down the ladder.

Maybe your decorations are stored in the garage or in your basement. They are then subject to the rodents and bugs who make their nests in your family heirloom treetop angel. It can be quite a disappointment to find your holiday items ruined by pests.

Having a small and limited way to store your holiday items also subjects them to damage and tangled lines. Christmas lights, in particular, have a tendency to become tangled and nearly impossible to straighten out when the time comes again next year. Having a specific storage unit in which to store them gives you room to pack them appropriately instead of compacting them to save space.

Rent a storage unit and purchase boxes and storage items that are specifically designed to hold the type items you will be storing. Lights can be wound up on plastic spools that keep them from becoming tangled and the bulbs from breaking. Decorations can be placed into containers that have specific spaces made just for breakable memorable family or handmade ornaments.

A very good alternative is to rent a storage facility in which you can store not only your holiday décor in the off season, but all of your off season items as well. If you rent a storage unit large enough why not put your off season toys and clothing in there as well? When you rent storage, you can place anything in it that you’d like.

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