3 Tips to Get Rid of the Smell in Your Storage Unit

Get Rid Of The Smell In Your Storage Unit

If you’ve ever rented a self-storage unit, then you know that sooner or later, that strange smells can sometimes start to creep in.

Whether it’s caused by moisture, mildew, or just old boxes and furniture, that unpleasant odor can be tough to get rid of.

Before doing anything to get rid of the smell in your storage unit, do your best to finding out what is causing it. For example, could it be cleaning up anything that cigarettes or other know smells help?

May opening up those boxes to just take another sniff before sticking with whatever conclusion has been drawn. All of this may save some time.

However, if no obvious cause for that odor can be found, don’t worry – you may be able to banish the stink in your self-storage unit for good with these three tips!

1) A Good Cleaning

Cleaning your storage unit is the key to preventing mold from growing in it. In order for mildew smell not be noticeable, you need a a good cleaning that will get rid of any dirt or dust particles and repack any old carboard boxes.

To get rid of mold, use a mixture dish-washing liquid and water to scrub the floors or walls. Wipe clean with damp cloths before drying thoroughly, especially in areas that might be hiding moisture under your furniture! When it’s completely dry wait about 2 hours, then store your items once again.

2) Good Air Flow

A lot of people don’t consider this important step when packing self storage. With what little air is moving in a self-storage unit, you want to give it as much help as possible. Move boxes and furniture in such a way so air flow can freely pass through without being obstructed.

Afterwards, be sure the storage door is completely open and if you can run an oscillating fan that will move dry air back into it.

3) Be Sure Everything is Dry

Your storage unit is your home’s best friend! Make sure to dry all items thoroughly before putting them away so that any damp or mold won’t form on these goods. It may be a good idea if you also wipe down the interior of appliances like refrigerators and washing machines with a clean cloth as well- this will help kill off anything bad already hiding within its crevices.

Mold grows easily when there’s an accumulation of liquid on surfaces like shelves. This can cause moisture intrusion because they provide ideal conditions for fungus development; where this type environment exists – then all we’ll have is a big problem!

Bonus Tip!

Did you know that by adding a dryer sheet to your clothes when they are first put into storage will deter insects and spiders from coming around? This is great news for those who want their items smelling fresh while being stored!

With these tips, you may never have to worry about those pesky self-storage unit odors again!

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