Quick Lock Self Storage Made Easy

Self-Storage Made Simple

Putting away your belongings into self storage may seem like a daunting task, but actually can be quite simple.

With Quick Lock Self Storage, we made renting your self storage unit Easy.

When you can plan to put belongings in self storage, it can be quite simple if you plan everything in an organized fashion.

Below are 5 tips to help make your self-storage experience even easier.

1. Take Inventory of What You Are Packing

Your first priority should be to make an inventory of what you’re packing and where. While you’re doing this, also keep estimating the replacement value of each object that you pack in order to ensure that the insurance evaluations are accurate. Doing this will save you a lot of grief later on in the unlikely event that you would need it.

2. Use Strong, Same Sized Boxes

When you buy your packing material and storage boxes or cartons, do keep in mind that box strength can deteriorate with use. So buy really sturdy boxes and preferably all of the same size as they are easier to stack one on top of another.

3. Evenly Stack Your Boxes

Evenly stacking boxes vertically will also help you save space. Try to store all your items in boxes because anything left unboxed is likely to gather dust and become quite dirty while In the self storage facility.

4. Pay Attention to the Weight of the Box

While it is sensible to pack boxes to the brim so that nothing moves around inside, thereby avoiding breakage, do remember not to make any box too heavy – you will have to lift them, after all.

Ideally, pack each box with a few heavy items at the bottom, and lighter items at the top. If you have little spaces which you can’t fill with any item, just fill them with paper or special packing material. If you stack boxes that are only partially filled, they can cave in or tip over sideways.

5. Buy Book Boxes for Books

Try to buy book boxes for your books because they are of a practical size and will not allow you to pack in too much or very heavy things – so they’re easy to carry and will not break.

Also remember to pack your books flat so that the spines don’t get damaged. And most important, don’t pack things into plastic bags because they can suffer from mildew due to humidity.

Quick Lock Self Storage made renting a self storage unit Easy. Simply choose your unit size online and pay online. Our websites are easy to use and have all the features necessary for a rich interactive experience. Rent your storage units online and pay your bill online 24-7. We make renting storage a hassle free experience.

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