Self-Storage Tips – Preparing and Packing

Self-Storage Tips

A self-storage unit is very beneficial whether you’re looking for temporary storage or a permanent place to store your clutter.

Before tossing your belonging carelessly into a self-storage unit, you should prepare them and package them well. Here are preparing and packing self-storage tips.

9 Tips for Preparing for Self-Storage

1. Clean your belongings

Cleaning your belonging ensures they stay in good condition while in the storage facility. Items to clean include cloths, leather, wood, utensils and appliances.

2. Cushion fragile items

Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items such as glasses to prevent breakages during moving, packing and storage.

3. Label your boxes clearly

Label each box carefully, listing the items inside for easier retrieval in the future if need be.

4. Disassemble large items

If possible, disassemble all large items such as beds, tables, cots and outdoor furniture before storing them. Put all small parts and screws in a small container or box to prevent misplacing them.

5. Keep heavy and fragile items low

You should keep heavy items first to provide a stable layer for the other items. Keeping fragile items at the bottom minimizes their chances of falling and breaking.

6. Go vertical

Utilize the vertical space by placing boxes on top of each other to maximize the storage space available.

7. Use wooden pallets

These are used to help increase flow throughout the storage unit by keeping the items some inches off the concrete.

8. Make a walkaway

Leave a path at the center of the storage unit for easy access to items when in need without necessarily moving the rest.

9. Store the items you need most near the door.

This allows you to take the items you often use in and out conveniently.

Bottom Line

The above preparing and packing self-storage tips will make moving and packing smoother and less stressful. The above tips also ensure your items are safe during storage and you’re able to access them conveniently when in need.

Next time you’re moving your items into a self-storage unit, consider the above tips to make your self storage experience more enjoyable.

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