6 Self Storage Tips to Keep Your Items Safe and Organized

Self Storage Tips to Keep Your Items Safe and Organized

In this blog post we have compiled expert advice from real estate agents along with our own research on how best to carefully select a self storage unit as well as organize it efficiently so you can make sure everything is just where it needs to be.

When spring or fall cleaning comes around, the realization can hit that there’s just too much clutter in your home and no place to store it all. You may wonder if a self-storage facility is the way to go but worry about safety and organization levels. No need to worry! With these 6 tips for utilizing self storage, you will be able to keep your items safe, secure, and organized with ease.

1. Choose a self-storage facility that is secure and has surveillance cameras

Finding self-storage that is both secure and has surveillance cameras is the number one priority when storing extra items. Security features such as self-storage units with controlled access, alarms, locks and cameras can help to prevent unauthorized entry. Having video surveillance cameras updates in real time allows you to monitor your self-storage facility from anywhere at any time, enhancing the overall security of your stored item. Make sure to research self-storage facilities with plenty of security measures in place before committing.

2. Choose the right size unit for your needs, ensuring you don’t rent more space than necessary

Choosing the right self-storage unit size can save you time and money while making sure you have enough space to safely store your belongings. Additionally, self-storage facilities offer both standard and non-standard sizes. Make sure to carefully assess your storage needs before deciding on a self-storage unit size, as it is important that you do not rent more or less space than necessary – you want to be able with what is most efficient for you. Keep in mind that self-storage facilities may offer assistance with selecting the best self-storage unit size for your needs, especially those with an online storage calculator or measuring tools.

3. Take an inventory of all the items you plan to store

Whenever you store items in a self-storage facility, it is important to take an inventory of everything you plan on storing. This allows you to keep track of your belongings in the event that something gets misplaced or damaged. It can also help provide added protection in case anything happens as most self-storage locations require renters to list out all stored items and their corresponding values for insurance purposes. Once you have taken an inventory, make sure to store all your belongings safely and securely inside the unit at all times. Doing so will keep your items in optimal condition until the time comes when you need them again.

4. Label each box so you can easily locate items when searching

Storing items in a self-storage facility can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know how to easily access the items you need when it’s time to retrieve them. The best way to ensure you can find items quickly and avoid confusion is to carefully label each box that you are storing. This will not only help you to determine which items are in each box, but also help you identify and locate specific items while searching. Labeling your items correctly makes it easy and much less time consuming when accessing items at a self-storage facility.

5. Wrap furniture and electronics with protective coverings

When you’re looking for the best way to store your furniture and electronics, protective coverings are an essential part of the process. Not only do protective coverings protect items from dust, dirt and pests, but they also provide additional cushion and support between items in storage. There are a variety of protective coverings available, from air-inflated bubble wrap to plastic covers that can be reused multiple times. Using protective coverings will not only keep your possessions safe while in storage, but also provide peace of mind that they won’t incur any damages while in transit or during the storage period.

6. Place heavier items on the bottom of the storage unit and lighter items on top

When planning storage in a self-storage unit, consider organizing your items by weight. Place your heavier items on the bottom of the storage unit, as this will provide stability and support for any lighter objects above them. Conversely, placing lighter items on top will make it easier to access these items if necessary. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to have large and small storage boxes for different types of storage, but be certain that the heavier storage boxes are positioned below the lighter ones when stacking them in the storage unit. This method will not only help you remain organized but is also beneficial to maintaining order within the storage facility itself.

In conclusion, renting a self-storage unit can be a wise decision for many people. As long as it is secure and of adequate size, you should store your items in an organized manner with heavy items placed on the bottom layer. Inventorying your belongings and labeling boxes can help you find what you need quickly when searching for something specific. Wrapping furniture and electronics with protective coverings helps to protect these items during their stay in the self-storage facility.

Keeping these 6 tips in mind will ensure peace of mind when storing your extra stuff in a self-storage facility. With the right preparation ahead of time, you can have confidence that your possessions are being stored safely and securely; making it easier to get them back into action whenever necessary!

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