Store Your Out of Season Summer Clothing in Self-Storage

Store Your Out of Season Summer Clothing

When your rent a self-storage facility, you can use it for many things and that includes clothing.

Getting your clothes into a self-storage unit will allow you to have more room for your winter clothes and vice-versa.

When you have secured a self-storage unit you will be able to pack away some things that you won’t be using right away. That includes seasonal items like patio furniture, Christmas decorations, and clothes.

Packing away clothing that you wore all summer is a great way to clear out your drawers and closets to make room for your fall and winter gear. There’s much more need for space when you bring out the heavy sweaters and coats for the cold weather, so as much as you can place in storage the better.

You have a couple of options for the items that are usually on hangers. Those can be removed from the hangers and neatly folded. If you want them to remain on the hangers you can leave them hanging, but you’ll need to provide either a place to hang them up in the storage unit or fold them over once with hangers intact and place them in boxes. If you hang them be sure to drape plastic over them. Dry cleaners’ bags work well. You can hang several items together in one bag if you’d like.

The summer shorts, t-shirts, light blouses, and swim suits can be neatly folded and placed in sturdy boxes. Sweaters, slacks, pants, and other items can also be folded up and stacked along with the other items. If you use similar size boxes to store your clothing in, they will stack easily and will be more organized.

An important tip to remember is to label the boxes. If you put each person’s clothing in one box you can label it with the name and the season. It’s helpful to put the year on the box, too, in case someone gains or loses weight in that year. You’ll know that the summer clothes from 2019 are too large because you’ve lost weight.

You can bring out the summer duds from 2018 summer when you were thinner and closer to the size you are now that you dropped the extra weight you gained last year. This also makes it simple if you decide to give your ill fitting clothing away. If they are all mixed together you’ll spend too much time sorting through clothing of different sizes. It’s easier to label it when you put it away for the storage season.

Another tip for clothing storage is to clean each item thoroughly before storing. Odors tend to stick over time. Make sure the clothes are dry, not damp, and fresh. They’ll be ready to wear when you remove them from storage and put them back into use.

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